28 Oct 2013: ChangeLog AADS Terminal Server (Build 94.28)

Improvement:AADS Client for Windows can now be used on Windows 8.1

Improvement: AADS Client for OSX can now be used on OSX 10.8.5 and 10.9 Be sure to pay attention to the “Work around: An OpenSSL bug which applies to OSX and Linux”….

Work around: An OpenSSL bug which applies to OSX and Linux

See this FAQ for more information

Improvement: UTF format Filename from the built-in PDF printer

  • Filenames as generated by the built-in PDF printer used to be in simple ANSI format. They are now in UTF-format, supporting any character set on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Improvement: 32 bits TrueColor (for Windows Vista and newer)

Improvement: Overhaul of the RDP stack

  • Complete overhaul of the RDP stack, implying noticable performance and speed improvements for both SSL and RDP connections.

Bug fix: Connectionbar

  • The Connectionbar was not always visible in the Remote Desktop.
  • (while working on it, the theme of the Connectionbar is also updated)

Bug fix: Remote Control of an user

  • The  notification / small button in the upper-right corner of the Remote Desktop, indicating that your session was “being Remotely Controlled”, was not always shown.

Improvement: Installation and Upgrade of AADS Terminal Server is now possible while working in a Remote Session

  • It is not required anymore to work on the Console Session while Installaling or Upgrading AADS Terminal Server.
  • It is not required to logoff all users while Installaling or Upgrading AADS Terminal Server.
    • However, it is still required to reboot the AADS Terminal Server after the Installation or Upgrade, so the users will be logged off when the Administrator clicks on the “Reboot” button in AADSetup:

  • AADS Terminal Server Setup automatically checks the settings for Joining the Domain in case of an Upgrade. If these settings are OK, no popup will be shown and Setup automatically continues:

Bug fix: ViewUsers tool

  • The selected users where sometimes “de-selected” after a screenupdate, or after an new user appeared in the list.

Improvement: ViewUsers tool

  • User interface improvements: checkboxes can be used for selecting 1 or more users. The selected users can be Disconnected, Logged off, or send a Message to.

Bug fix: PS / PDF Printer

  • In case both a PS and a PDF file would be printed at the same time, and moved / copied to a client, the copy / move could sometimes fail:

This bug would not happen if only 1 option was selected; for example, the bug would not happen if only the Print to PDF option was selected.

Improvement: Date / Times in the Farm based on UTC

  • While communicating among eachother in the Farm, the Terminal Servers whould each use the Local Time when informing the other Terminal Servers. For example, when an user did logon, this notication was sent to the other Terminal Server based on the local time. All these times are now changed to UTC. This implies that Terminal Servers in the Farm can be located in different TimeZones accross the world.

Note: the implication of this is that all Terminal Servers in the Farm should be updated, because older versions of AADS Terminal Server will interpret the UTC time as a local time, which implies all kind of misunderstandings.

  • If a Terminal Server in the Farm has more then 1 hour Date / Time difference, it will be shown marked with the color red.
  • Please note: in the example above either this Windows-7 Server has an incorrect Date / Time, or both the Windows-XP Server and Windows 2k8-R2 Server do have an incorrect Date / Time…

  • When the offset in Date / Time is between 20 minutes and 1 hour, it is marked with the color Yellow.

Bug fix: Tabpages x32/x64/OSX client:

  • Sometimes “Tabpages” in the Client for Linux and OSX where missing; some of them where not shown and where not available for use. That is now fixed.

Bug fix: Error while closing the Client for OSX:

  • An error might be shown while closing the Client for OSX. That is now fixed.

Improvement: Client for OSX

  • Multiple optimizations in the Client for OSX, resulting in less memory usage and a smaller filesize of the Client software.

Improvement: RDP+ Protocol

  • With older versions of AADS, it was required that the version of AADS Software on the Server and on the Clients did match. If you would, for example, use and old version of the Client software, an attempt to login might be disconnected right away. From now on it is possible to use different versions of the AADS Software on the Server and on the Clients. The AADS Software on the Server does not have to be same as on the Client. Note: if we develop something new in the Client, and the Server is not updated, you might not be able to use this new function. But, the login will still be succesful and the connection will not be dropped.

Beta functionality: RDP+ FileTransfer between Client and Server

The development of RDP+ FileTransfer between Client and Server is not yet completed, but most of it works. If you would like to “see” it or “test”, proceed as follows:

  • Connect to an AADS Terminal Server, using the AADS Client Software, and be sure to select RDP+

  • When you have logged in, start de FileTransfer as follows: (in the example below, AADS Client Software is being used on Windows 8.1. a Remote Desktop Session is established to an AADS Terminal Server running on Windows XP)

  • Click on Browse, and browse to the folder on the AADS Terminal Server where the software is installed.
  • Select aadAppControl
  • Before clicking on OK in the Run-box, type the extra parameter  /FTRDP  behind aadAppControl:

  • The result will be as follows:

  • In the Left-panel, all the files and folders of the Home-folder of the PC are being showed.
  • In the Right-panel, all the files and folders of the Home-folder of the Remote Desktop as it is running on the AADS Terminal Server, are being showed.
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